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The Institution was established in 1997 with an intention to help the needy students to attain a degree or a diploma in Engineering of different branches. As the present system of education is not fulfilling the desire of the youth according to their coice of study as well as Study Centres/Collaborators are also not authorized to provide Distance education for Technical streams. However, Engineering’s Training Centre has referred as Empanelled Training Associate or as ETA under the University-Industry Inter-linkage Centre (UILC) of Arunachal University of Studies which is established in accordance with the University Grants Commission’s communication vide D.O.No. F.1-14/2015(CPP- II) dated 29 September 2015 as per MOU between University-Industry Inter-linkage Centre, The Arunachal University of STUDIES, Arunachal Pradesh and ETC Group of Institutions, Thrissur, Kerala.


  • To provide Knowledge with Academic Excellence and to make our Students better Technocrats & Professionals, so that they chart out their own path of Success and possess Perfection in their endeavors.
  • To deliver the heighest quality engineering graduates, cutting –edge research and innovative technology for the benefit of society locally and globally.
  • Support an internationally competitive extramural research agenda and be recognized as “National Class” through steadily improving rankings.
  • To develop as World Class education Centre and to impart Knowledge to our Students in an ambience of Humanity, Wisdom, Intellect, Knowledge, Creativity & Innovation, in order to nurture them to become Culturally and Ethically rich Professionals with bright future.


  • To inspire our Faculty members to always Excel and in turn Motivate the Students to achieve Excellence.
  • To provide Continuous Research Orientation in the Faculty.
  • To ensure students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life.
  • To be recognized as an international leader in engineering education, research and the application of knowledge to benefit society globally.


The scenario of globalization made a tremendous change among the developing countries. The back born of globalization is mainly due to global communication development like satellite, optical fiber etc. This made the virtual distance between the nations closer, rather we can say that all countries compressed and became like a village under an umbrella. This made the developing countries like our nation to share and to become partner in modern developments and invention in every field with developed countries.

India has got plenty of resources for development in every field, but it was not utilized properly for the last so many years. It was due to our wrong policies, lack of technical knowhow and economical crisis. Now we understood our drawbacks and rectified our mistakes and moves in a correct direction to progress. Within a period of few years we can expect that our nation will become a super power in the world.

The main reason in the present development is of maximum utilization and implementation of new techniques in all fields of science, medical, agriculture and engineering. The use of physical labour has minimized by using precision machines and computers. This makes to complete the work accurately, effectively and faster. But to operate these instruments we are in need of experienced operators and machines. They must be well trained in their field of work to become professional.

There are many institutions private as well as public to help the students to achieve a degree or diploma in professional courses. It is you to decide the choice of study and institutions with proper guidance. Where ever you study and whatever subject you select, my sincere advice is that work hard and achieve a golden goal in your studies. I wish you all success.


Diploma in Civil Engineering Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering Diploma in Electrical Engineering Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Coaching classes for 3 years diploma in different Branches of Engineering Courses Conducted by ICE India (Institution of Civil Engineers),Which is recognized by Central/ State Govt. departments for appointment and promotion.

This institution is providing Coaching Classes to students on Regular courses of the following Boards /Universities in India .These courses are recognized by different departments of Govt for employment and promotion.

  1. Degree Course equivalent to Engineering Degree on Civil / Architectural Engineering which is recognized by central and state Governments.
  2. Three years Technician Engineering course equivalent to Diploma in civil Engineering which is recognized by central government and many state Governments.
  3. Two years lateral entry in Technician Engineering course of civil engineering for those students completed +2 (science) / ITI / VHSE.

Programme Titles & Programme Short Tile:

  1. Charter Diploma (Mechanical) - CDM
  2. Charter Diploma (Electrical) - CDE
  3. Charter Diploma (Electrical & Electronics) - CDEE
  4. Charter Diploma (Automobile) - CDA
  5. Charter Diploma (Civil) - CDC
  6. harter Diploma (Computer Science) - CDCS

Eligibility : 10th (Any Stream) or equivalent

Total Programe Credits : 132 in three Groups.

  1. Section A: Charter Basics of Technology
  2. Section B: Charter Certificate of respective programme
  3. Section C: Charter Diploma of respective programme

Exemption of Credits :

The students of (10+2) any stream will get exemption of common credits covered programme.

If the candidate has cleared partial credits of programme from a recognized University/Institution or any other Institution recognized by Arunachal University of Studies, those credits if identified can be exempted by the University.

They have liberty to earn credits at their own pace, convenience and according to their own capability.

Eligibility: Candidates working in organizations engaged in the profession of Civil Engineering/Architectural Engineering are permitted to appear in the Examinations conducted by the Institution in conformity with their eligibility of educational qualifications.

Eligibility: Candidates working in organizations engaged in the profession of Civil Engineering/Architectural Engineering are permitted to appear in the Examinations conducted by the Institution in conformity with their eligibility of educational qualifications.

Eligibility: Candidates working in organizations engaged in the profession of Civil Engineering/Architectural Engineering are permitted to appear in the Examinations conducted by the Institution in conformity with their eligibility of educational qualifications.


Two years engineering certificate course on Radio and Television Engineering conducted by Technical Education Board, Govt. of Kerala.

Course Structure

Duration 2 Years
Eligibility SSLC Passed/Failed
  1. Basic Electronics & Radio Engg
  2. Television Engg/IT
  3. Engineering Drawing
  4. Engineering Practical


Career Counseling and Guidance, unfortunately, is one of the most neglected areas of our formal and informal education. With our experience at ETC, we have construed an important factor of our youth NOT CLICKING, which is lack of Career Counseling & Guidance.

In order to overcome this deficiency which is no more negligible, ETC has devised a systematic program to counsel careers of our trainees. After analyzing the potential of the trainee and helping him/her exploiting the same to the most optimum level, we correlate our exercise with the dynamic requirements of the industry. Be it local deployment, or be it foreign studies pursuit, ETC is helpful in making an individual land in the focused area and be able to work for dream organizations.>

Having a strong interface with the real IT & Telecom industry pooled with our experience of having delivered mega projects; ETC looks at the industry from the cliff top where it can effectively counsel and guide an individual in his/her professional rummage around.


In this rapidly developing era, packed with competition all aorund, the first thing any person would desire is a job. But at time a person can't fulfill this due to several reasons. It is at this extent that tha role of Postal Tuition comes in to play. It is a system that educates the worker without taking him out of the production process, so also, students undergoing other courses can simultaneosly take up the courses for which we conduct postal tuition.


  • Registration in the case of postal tuition can be done by the candidates or can be arranged through the institute For further details please refer “Board/Institution Registration Rules”. The application for admission is the same as that of regular course.
  • The postal Tution students should mention the words DPT in their envelops being sent to the institute.
  • A candidate can enroll himself / herself for Postal tuition at any time of the years but before last date published by University/Board.
  • The lessons, Model question etc. sent to the student shall be his / her property. These should not be sold/reprinted.
  • For some subjects, the students may be sent with text books instead of the note. The students may also be asked to go through some text books for reference .
  • For information regarding postal tuition fee, please see “Fee Details” in prospectus.
  • Postal tuition fee does not include postage charages. This will vary from course to course. In case of postal students abroad, additional postage may be charged as extra postage.
  • Fee paid for a course enrolment or later is not refundable.
    Students who discontinue their studies by more than 6 months will be required to pay re-admission fee as prescribed by the Institute if they want to be readmitted.


  • Application for admission should be made in the prescribed form which is attached with the prospectus.
  • Application must be submitted along with the following Documents. Otherwise it will be rejected.
    • Five Photostats copies of SSLC/+2 certificates attested by a gazette officer.
    • Recent passport size photograph (6 copy)
    • Admission fee must be paid while on admission.
  • Application can be submitted in person at the office between 9 am to 5 pm on all working days.
  • Admission to a course shall be made by selection committee after interview on merit.
  • Fee paid are neither refundable nor transferable under any circumstances.
  • The Management reserves the full right to amend the existing rules at any time and the students and guardians are required to abide by the changes.
  • The principal or in his absence the next subordinate will have the power and rights to make any temporary rules or take any decision related to the teaching ,discipline or routine matter as per the instructions of the Director.
  • Admission is open to Boys and Girls of both Indian and Foreign orgin for all courses. The medium of study will be in English.
  • Hostel facilities are available only to limited candidates. Seperation hostels are arranged for Boys and Girls.
  • Wearing of Uniform and Identity card is compulsory while entering the institute.
  • Use of cell phone is strictly prohibited inside the campus.
  • Seats are limited for all courses. Admission is only on Merit and it shall be on first come first serve Basis. Delay makes disappointment . So decide and take advance step for admission.
  • Registration with concerned Board/ University has to be done by the candidate himself/herself.
  • ETC will not have any responsibility regarding the registration of course.
  • For registration to any course the desirable minimum qualification as required by the Board/University has to be met by the student.
  • The candidate must possess the required minimum qualification or equivalent which is recognized by the concerned Board/University.
  • The candidate must pay the registration fee/Composite Fee, Exam fee , yearly subscription and other fee imposed by the concerned Board/University applicable for the course.
  • This institute is not responsible for any postal delay or negligence.
  • Only those students who register through ETC subject to the condition mentioned above shall be permitted to appear for the exam on receipt of Hall Ticket.
  • The rules mentioned above is applicable for postal tuition candidates also.
  • All latest orders/information relating any changes / modification of Registration / Exam procedures from the Board/ University will be displayed on the Notice Board. No personal intimation will be made to any one.
  • The responsibility of the institution is limited only to providing of caching to the student.
  • Total fee must be paid in full at the time of admission. The fee collected by ETC is only for the study materials supplied . There is no fee for the regular class or Tuition. Hence there is no question of refund.
  • Payment of semester fee must be paid in due date defaulters will be terminated from their studies without further notice.
  • There will be no refund of fees under any circumstances.
  • Course Registration/ Re-registration / Examination and project fees are extra.
  • All Diploma and Degree programmes conducted by DE mode.

The director is the final authority in all matters concerning the administration of institute . His/ her decision shall be the final for all matters.



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